The Best Daily News Podcasts

Daily news is the main source of information for many people around the world. There are a number of different types of daily news, including news broadcasts, newspapers and online sources. The Daily news is often a summary of the major stories from the day, but it can also include opinion pieces and analysis. The Daily news is also available on podcasts, which are a popular way to listen to the latest headlines. There are a number of free podcast apps that allow you to listen to the latest daily news, such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The Daily is the flagship podcast from the New York Times, featuring worldclass journalism and interviews with influential figures. Each episode tells one remarkable story every day. This podcast is the perfect way to get your daily dose of news, and it’s sure to keep you up to date on the events of the day.

Founded in 1919 by Joseph Medill Patterson, who had already co-published the Chicago Tribune, The Daily News was the first tabloid newspaper in the United States. In addition to intense city news coverage, it also included celebrity gossip, classified ads, comics, a sports section and an opinion page. The paper reached its peak circulation in 1947, when it was one of the largest newspapers in the country with 2.4 million copies daily.

In the early 1970s, The Daily News became famous for its front-page headline that portrayed President Gerald Ford as a “drop dead fuck”. The satire was widely credited with contributing to the defeat of Ford’s reelection campaign in 1976. In the 1980s, The Daily News became a target of the Tribune Company’s attempts to downsize and eliminate unions. The ten print unions at the Daily News formed the Allied Printing Trades Council and went on strike in October of that year, costing the company $70 million. Eventually, the Daily News was able to continue publishing by using non-union replacement staff, but it suffered from a loss of readership and advertising revenue.

This podcast offers a quick-read summary of the top news stories each weekday, including politics, business, tech and more. It aggregates must-reads from the cream of the news crop (think Wall Street Journal, USA Today and The Associated Press) and provides a summary, photo and link to the original article if you want more information.