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business news

Business news is a subset of general news focused on businesses and the economy. Typically, it involves information about stocks, investments, and companies. Business news is often found in newspapers and magazines, though it is also frequently published online. It may be categorized as general business news or specific industry business news, depending on its scope. General business news often features large issues and events that affect the overall economy, while industry specific business news may be more narrow in focus. In addition to news media, business-related content can also be found in trade publications.

The origins of business news are rooted in the 1700s, when Daniel Defoe started publishing a series of financial and economic reports that became known as “The Wall Street Journal”. Following this publication’s success, other similar papers emerged, including Charles Dow’s “Dow Jones Industrial Average” and Ida Tarbell’s “Muckraker.” By 1900, the field of business journalism had exploded, with thousands of publications providing commentary, analysis, and insight into all aspects of the business world.

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