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The Willamette University College of Law recently announced its Signature Strengths Initiative, a new program that supports the University’s long-standing commitment to progressive legal education. Under the initiative, law students are encouraged to take advantage of the resources offered by the university to develop their skills, gain leadership experience, and build a career. These opportunities are available to students on a renewable basis based on academic standing.

Professors and faculty members will be involved in new initiatives and programs as part of the Signature Strengths Initiative. One of the first is a new Cybersecurity Legal Task Force led by Prof. Karen Painter Randall. This team will work to help improve efforts to protect children in the state. Another initiative is a new Children’s Law Training Center, which will have first-class training space and immersive learning simulations.

Other projects include an agreement with the University of Alaska Anchorage that expands access to Alaskan students. It also has been agreed to launch a new 3+3 Program with Portland State University. This program will allow students to complete four years at UAF and three at Willamette Law. Those who enroll in the program will benefit from the expertise of Willamette Law faculty in 14 locations across the Mid-Midwest.

Incoming students are one of the most academically talented classes in the school’s history. They are also the most diverse class in the School of Law’s history. Several students have won competitions, including the 2021 King of the Hill Mock Trial Competition. Additionally, Judge Darleen Ortega will give a commencement address.

Three acclaimed speakers will participate in the ceremony. The two-day event will feature speakers from the undergraduate and graduate schools. Megan Elizabeth Meier, Associate Professor of Law; Derek Olson, Assistant Professor of Law; and Robin Morris Collin, Director of Environmental Justice will all participate.

Students will also be able to explore the benefits of the new Children’s Law Training Center. Located in the Willamette University Downtown Campus, the center will be run by Prof. Josh Gupta-Kagan. There, students will learn about the laws that govern children, and the many ways they can be protected.

Lexis+ has been updated to add nine popular labor and employment related answer books to its roster of premium content. Also, the Fact & Issue Finder has been updated with dockets and statutes. Now, users can filter publication status to find only the documents they are looking for.

Willamette Law’s Lawyers & Leadership seminar prepares law students for their futures. The seminar will help students acquire the tools they need to take on leadership roles in the legal industry.

As part of the School of Law’s ongoing commitment to fostering and developing the professional skills of its students, the Academic Excellence program will also be launched. Professor Kelly Gamble will serve as the program’s director. Professors and peer mentors will be involved in the program to provide support throughout the student’s time at Willamette.

Law librarian Stephanie Davidson will also join the faculty. She will be the director of the Law Library. She will bring more than 10 years of experience to the department. With this position, she will oversee research and library operations.