What is a Daily News?

daily news

A daily news is a newspaper that is published on a regular basis (usually every day or week) and covers national and international events. It often includes opinion articles called op-eds written by guests or the editor that express an opinion on a public issue, and columns expressing personal opinions.

Almost all traditional newspapers are based on factual reporting with editorial judgment and analysis to present the facts of an event or a situation in a way that informs and influences the readers’ viewpoint. A large portion of a newspaper is dedicated to advertising that pays for the cost of publishing the paper, and some newspapers also offer paid subscriptions and newsstand sales as additional sources of revenue.

Most newspaper publishers seek to appeal to a wide audience, but some target groups more narrowly defined by interests. Examples include business newspapers (e.g., The Wall Street Journal and India Today), sports newspapers, and regional and local newspapers. Many traditional papers feature special sections for different interests, such as fashion, society, cooking and food, technology, and other popular topics. Newspapers are usually printed on low-grade paper known as newsprint, although some online editions are available in high-quality digital formats.

At the peak of its circulation in the mid-20th century, the New York Daily News was the largest tabloid newspaper in the United States. The newspaper, founded in 1919, grew to fame with sensational coverage of crime and scandal, lurid photographs, and cartoons. During the Great Depression, the paper highlighted political wrongdoing, such as the Teapot Dome Scandal, and social intrigue, such as the romance between Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII that led to his abdication.

By the 1990s, however, the Daily News was losing money and its circulation had declined sharply. The newspaper was sold in 1993 to Mort Zuckerman, chairman and publisher of the Atlantic Media company, which included The Atlantic Monthly magazine. Zuckerman won the bid over conglomerate owner Conrad Black, who owned the Chicago Tribune and Britain’s Daily Telegraph. In addition to the newspaper, Zuckerman retained ownership of its broadcast assets, including WPIX-TV and a radio station with call letters based on the News’s nickname, the “New York Picture Newspaper.”

The Daily News was housed in the art deco Daily News Building at 220 East 42nd Street near Second Avenue in Manhattan from 1929 to 1995, an official city and national landmark designed by John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood. The building served as the model for the Daily Planet in the first two Superman films. The Daily News moved to a nearby building in 1995, and the News’s former television station WPIX now occupies the former Daily News Building. In 2016, the News reported that its circulation had fallen below 500,000. The News has continued to publish since its revival in 2017 after being bought by Tronc, a company that also owns the Chicago Tribune. Its online edition, the Daily News E-dition, offers interactive features and a simple user interface that provides a superior reading experience on both computers and mobile devices.