Understanding Gambling Terminology

Gambling games Gambling terminology

When you are playing a gambling game, you may come across different terms that can make you confused. Using the definitions of these terms can help you better understand the rules of the games. To make your life easier, you can click on the letters of a word to find out what it means. For example, you might hear the term “casino advantage,” which refers to the mathematical advantage the casino has over the players.

Common terms

When talking about gambling games, you have to be familiar with some terms. One common term is a “session.” In a session, a player can spend as much time as they want playing a particular game. Another term is “high roller.” It refers to an individual who gambles with very high stakes.

System to choose bets

One system to choose bets in gambling games is a betting sequence system. It is simple to apply and involves adjusting bets according to a set of rules. The first step in implementing this system is to determine a betting unit. This unit should be around 2% or 5% of the session budget. For example, if you’re planning to spend 500 EUR, you should aim for a unit of 10 EUR. This unit is the amount you bet on the first bet in the sequence. When you lose a bet, the sequence ends and a new one begins.


The odds of a game are determined by two different factors: the house advantage and the pay out ratio. The former determines the probability of a certain outcome, while the latter indicates the overall performance of the game. In roulette, for example, the odds of a win are four to one. In live poker, on the other hand, the odds will vary from hand to hand.

Minimum bets

Many gambling games have minimum bets, which limit the amount you can bet. These amounts vary widely from casino to casino, but the majority of games have similar minimums. Knowing these amounts is important to avoid losing more money than you wagered. To avoid this, always read the terms and conditions before placing a bet.


Bonuses are a way for online casinos to attract new players while retaining current ones. In a competitive market, casinos must attract more customers to survive. In addition to free spins, these bonuses can also be a percentage of your first deposit, or even a match bonus. Most reload bonuses are time-limited and have a set expiration date, but some are created to promote new games or commemorate an event.


Jackpots are bonus prizes won when players play a game. These jackpots can be small or large and vary in value. They are typically identified by a golden bottom border and Jackpot icon.