The Law New

The Law New provides legal news and analysis, focusing on practice developments and trends. Topics include litigation filings, verdicts, court opinions, regulation, enforcement, corporate deals and legislation. Also includes a weekly law school news summary and legal podcasts.

Covers federal and state laws, rules and regulations. It enables users to access electronic versions of Federal regulations, and includes a search engine for finding state statutes and rules. It is an essential tool for all law students, attorneys and other professionals.

A new edition of the essential guide to law in America, revised and updated to reflect changes in the contemporary American legal system. Written in a clear and straightforward style, it uses lucid diagrams and flowcharts to break down complex subjects into manageable chunks for students. Its comprehensive glossary is especially useful to first year students trying to get a grip on the jargon of the discipline. There are two significant additions to this seventh edition: a new chapter covering recent developments in the law of civil rights, and a brief section at the end of Chapter 2 on generative AI.

This book takes a practical approach to teaching the foundational principles of legal research, with the goal of demystifying the process for new law students. It begins with an explanation of the types of legal sources available, and then moves on to instruct students in the methods they are most likely to use in their practice – namely electronic research techniques and the consultation of secondary sources. It concludes by demonstrating how these components of legal research come together. It incorporates screencasts hosted on YouTube that actively demonstrate the processes described in the static text.

This book helps students understand the ways in which law responds to and influences changes in social life, with special emphasis on issues such as morality, dispute resolution and business regulation. It combines a deep understanding of the way in which law works with a focus on current and historical legal topics, including terrorism, immigration, civil rights and police liability. It also covers fundamental concepts such as judicial review, constitutional law and the nature of science. This textbook is suitable for all courses in law, but will be of particular interest to students of legal method, American jurisprudence and statutory interpretation. It will also be of value to those who study law in a global context.