The Evolution of Online Slot Machines

online slot games

As an online game, online slot machines have proven to be a huge hit. This simple pursuit has survived the transition from land-based casinos to the online realm and appears to thrive in its new environment. Learn more about how these games evolved and what to look for when playing them online. Here, you’ll find out what to expect when playing your favorite slot games online. Whether you’re looking for a new game or looking to try your luck, online slot machines have something for everyone.

Evolution of online slot games

The evolution of online slot games is closely related to the development of technology. Ten years ago, three-dimensional slots were revolutionary. They feature realistic graphics, three-dimensional characters, and detailed storylines. These games also allow players to play for free. Besides the traditional slot machines, modern slots also offer various bonus features, such as free spins, multipliers, and cluster combinations. The following are some of the most notable innovations in online slots.

Number of reels

The number of reels in online slot games varies depending on the type of game. Three reel games generally feature three paylines, while five-reel slot machines can have up to 100 or more. A lower number of reels means less opportunity for real money wins per spin. The higher number of reels, the more complicated the game. Luckily, there are ways to increase the number of paylines without sacrificing gameplay.

Scatter symbols

Most online slot games have scatter symbols to trigger different bonus features. While landing one or two scatter symbols won’t trigger a bonus round, three or more can trigger the feature. In most cases, these symbols are associated with free spins rounds and other bonus options. In Joker’s Jewels, players must land three Bonus Crown icons to trigger the game’s bonus round. Unlike wild symbols, however, scatter symbols are not replaced by wild symbols. The main purpose of the wild symbol is to provide matches on a payline.

Return to player ratio

RTP is an acronym for “return to player”. It describes the percentage of money that a slot game pays out to the player. For instance, if a slot pays out 97% of the time, you can expect to lose about $4 out of every $100 that you wager. Conversely, a slot game with a 98 percent RTP will return around $2 for every $100 that you wager. In general, the higher the RTP, the lower the house edge and lower risk.


Casinos offer many ways to lure players into making a deposit. The most popular is through the first deposit bonus, which matches a percentage of the deposit amount. If you make a deposit of $100 and win the matching bonus, you’ll have a total bankroll of $200 to play with. This means that you’ll get a 100% match bonus on your next deposit of up to $200. You can use this money to try out new games, or to reload your account.