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The daily news is a newspaper or magazine with an international focus that reports on the latest developments in world politics, economics and culture. Often the daily news is presented in a tabloid format and provides sensational coverage of crimes, scandals, and political intrigue, as well as sports and entertainment articles. A number of the major daily newspapers have a high circulation and readership, particularly in the United States and Europe.

The Yale Daily News (YDN) is the nation’s oldest college daily and the primary source of news for the campus community at Yale University. The YDN was founded in 1878 and is independent in both ownership and editorial policy. The paper is published Monday through Friday when classes are in session and is distributed throughout the Yale campus and in New Haven. In addition to the daily newspaper, the YDN publishes the Friday supplement known as WKND and several special issues each year, including the Yale-Harvard Game Day Issue, the Commencement Issue and the First Year Issue. The YDN has long been a prominent forum for debate and discussion among students, faculty, alumni and local residents and has a strong record of producing leaders in journalism and public service. Many of the paper’s past editors and writers have gone on to careers in journalism and public life, including William F. Buckley, Lan Samantha Chang, John Hersey, Joseph Lieberman, Sargent Shriver and Strobe Talbott.

For more than half a century, the New York Daily News was one of America’s most popular and influential tabloid newspapers. Founded in 1919 as the Illustrated Daily News by Joseph Medill Patterson, it was the first newspaper printed in tabloid format and reached its peak circulation of 2.4 million copies a day by 1947. The Daily News attracted readers by highlighting political wrongdoing such as the Teapot Dome scandal and social intrigue such as the romance between Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII that led to his abdication. The newspaper also emphasized the use of lurid photographs and cartoons.

Today the New York Daily News is owned by Tronc, Inc., the parent company of the Chicago Tribune and other media outlets. The newspaper’s executive editor is Jesse Angelo, and its president is Mortimer B. Zuckerman. The Daily News website is one of the most visited newspapers on the Internet. The newspaper’s website features a wide range of free online content, including e-books, podcasts and videos. It also offers paid subscriptions for its content. The Daily News also includes the IPO Daily NewsTM, a concise three to five paragraph daily newsletter that includes summaries of all patent and trademark opinions issued by the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit the day after those opinions are issued, plus wire service stories on selected IP cases from other sources. The IPO Daily NewsTM is available free for educators, as well as to corporate subscribers.