New Laws in New York

law new

The new year brings with it a host of new laws that could impact citizens. From preventing drug overdoses to making it safer for college students, new legislation is set to make life easier in many ways.

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A new law in New York is a piece of legislation passed by the legislature and periodically codified into the New York Consolidated Laws. This can be a law related to criminal justice, public health or even something as simple as how toys are organized inside of a store. These laws can have a big impact on the citizens of New York, and it is vital that all residents remain aware of these changes.

The Open Meetings Law applies to all meetings of “public bodies,” which are defined as those who conduct public business and perform a governmental function for the State or for a public corporation, including cities, counties, towns, villages and school districts and committees and subcommittees of these entities. This includes legislative bodies, including city councils and planning commissions as well as municipal agencies such as fire departments and police departments.

Hundreds of new laws went into effect in the new year, from raising the minimum wage to regulating social media content and banning assault weapons. Another significant change is the passing of a bill known as “Matthew’s Law,” which will allow pharmacies and healthcare providers to give out fentanyl testing kits for free to anyone in the general public. This can help decrease the amount of accidental fentanyl overdoses in New York.