New Issues News From the University of South Carolina School of Law

The University of South Carolina School of Law is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. This historic milestone has led to a number of new initiatives and changes. One of these is the formation of a new three-year law program that will prepare students to enter the legal profession. In addition, the school has launched a scholarship to help improve the outcome for domestic violence victims.

Another initiative is the Rule of Law Collaborative, which will support efforts to protect children and fragile and post-conflict countries. Director Joel Samuels will lead the program and will be joined by faculty in 14 locations across the Midlands. Some of the topics on which the program will focus include sheriffs in the U.S. and in the developing world.

Also, the Willamette Law Bruce Spaulding Trial Competition held its final round of contests this month. The event featured leading legal scholars and third-year law students. Professors such as Anthony D’Elia, Thomas Crocker, and Lou Giaquinto, among others, contributed to the discussion.

Additionally, the school announced the appointment of ten professors to tenure positions. These appointments are part of the university’s historically progressive approach to legal education. Among these are Associate Professor Shelley Welton, who has published five articles in the top 15 law reviews in the last five years. She will be honored with an Award of Merit in November. Other members of the faculty included Professor Keith Cunningham-Parmeter, who has an article in UCLA Law Review coming out later this year.

Finally, the school announced the addition of a new faculty member, David Friedman. Friedman will be a legal scholar and commentator on the Oregon v. Oracle lawsuit. He will also provide support for The Standard and The Standard Life Insurance Company.

With all the new additions, it’s no wonder the University of South Carolina School of Law is experiencing an improvement in the academic profile of the entering class. In fact, since 2016, the School of Law has improved its academic ranking in the National Law Review.

The School of Law is also making history with its class of 2020. The class was one of the most academically talented in its history. It also exceeded all the recent metrics. As a result, the class will be recognized as valectors for the 2021 academic year.

The students will also be able to contribute to the legal profession by taking advantage of the bar study hours. While they are still in law school, they will be able to help their local communities by providing free legal assistance to low-income residents.

The School of Law will also be welcoming two visiting professors this semester. In the Fall, Professor Jaclyn Cherry will return to the teaching force, while Professor Robin Maril will join the faculty for the 2021-22 academic year.

With the help of these new additions, the University of South Carolina School of Law will continue its history of preparing future lawyers for a changing world. By offering a broad range of legal resources and an emphasis on shared ownership, the school will help its students take advantage of the best available opportunities.