Law Firms Practice What’s Called Law New

law new

As the legal field continues to evolve, firms are seeking new ways to work with clients and to bring value in innovative ways. One way that law firms are doing this is by practicing what is called “law new.” While the exact definition of this practice is not always clear, it generally involves finding alternative ways to deliver legal services and creating strategies that do not include a traditional partner track or working from an office building.

To require third-party food delivery service companies to be licensed and repeal the existing subchapter of the Administrative Code relating to such services. This bill would also incorporate requirements for the licensing of such services from recently passed Introductions 2311-A, 2333-A, and 2335-A into this bill’s scheme. Among other things, the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection would be able to deny or refuse to renew a license, suspend or revoke a license, or impose a fine on such a company for two or more violations of the provisions of this bill’s subchapter.

To provide that City agencies, in consultation with the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, shall prepare and disseminate a notice to employees and job applicants of information regarding student loan forgiveness programs. The Department of Consumer and Worker Protection would be responsible for identifying federal and state student loan forgiveness programs, as well as the eligibility requirements to participate in those programs. This bill is named in honor of Carlos Moncayo, a construction worker who tragically died at a workplace in New York City.