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business news

Business news is the type of news that covers commercial activities and changes in a society. The term is typically used to refer to financial journalism, but it may also encompass reporting on other types of businesses and economic changes. Business news is usually reported in magazines, newspapers and on radio and television. It is an important aspect of journalism because it can influence the perceptions and opinions of many people in a society, as well as the economy.

Business is an activity of a person or company that involves buying, selling, producing or trading products and services to make money. There are three main forms of businesses: sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation. The term “business” can mean any activity that seeks profit, whether or not it is successful in achieving its goal.

A business can have a physical location or operate in virtual space, such as an online marketplace. It can employ a single person or thousands of employees. A business can have a product or service-oriented focus, such as providing consulting services or offering software solutions, or it can operate in a retail industry, such as selling goods and services directly to consumers.

The business news we publish at Business News Daily covers the stories and events that impact small and startup business owners, from public policy and regulations to marketing and sales enablement. Our team of journalists researches and writes news, features, and blog posts to help business owners stay informed about the changing landscape and make decisions that will help their companies grow.

Copy Editor

Stephanie Presley is a copy editor at Business News Daily and has edited thousands of pieces of content over the past five years. She previously worked as a copy editor for the consumer-tech digital publication Top Ten Reviews and has an English degree from Weber State University in Utah.

Senior UI/UX Designer

Kevin Hannon is a senior UI/UX designer at Business News Daily, where he is responsible for branding, product interface ideation and design, iteration and testing, as well as managing production efficiencies. Prior to joining Business News Daily, he was a UX/UI designer at CVS Health, designing an online prescription experience. He has 20+ years of design and development experience across multiple industries, including education, telehealth, finance, and retail.